Friday, August 24, 2012

10 days of summer

We have 10 more days before school starts...
I felt a bit sad today...

I wasn't sad that my girls are going to school---
(they can't wait...and a little alone time wont hurt me either)
I just can't believe the summer is over,
and I am left wishing I had spent it differently.

There weren't enough hikes.
(We had hoped to complete at least one a month.)
There weren't enough bike rides, movies in the back yard, or walks in the evening.
There wasn't enough homemade ice cream, game nights and home cooked meals.

If I could do it over again...
our "to-do" lists would be shorter
and the only school work we would have done would be
reading great books (the girls did do this!) and journal writing.
We should have had more art time and less math.
I should have recycled every work book in my house.

We had wonderful reunions with friends we hadn't seen in a long time...
We enjoyed wonderful days poolside!
We played tennis in flip-flops!
I should have worried less about what the inside of the house looked like--
and spent all day in the backyard!

We have 10 days left...
I can't wait to see what memories we can make in these last few days of summer!

Tonight---we went on a long walk~

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