Tuesday, February 14, 2012

will you be mine?

Thank you Pinterest!
There are many options out there for guilty-time-wasting-online pleasures...
Pinterest is NOT one of them for me.
It is my online library!
It is full of information!
AND saved me for Valentine's day!!!!

The girls were having so much fun putting these together.
Children make holidays so much fun!

We are excited for school parties, seeing friends and our traditional V-day dinner for dad!
The girls wanted to make lasagna for him (one of his favorites).
I am going to try to set up our strobe lights and a back drop for formal pictures!
I hope I get it all done!!!
Happy Valentine's Day!!!!!!!


Tebbs Family said...

I have found so many fun and amazing things on Pinterest as well. I guess I'm lucky though because after about 20-30 minutes I am done. Probably because the small, creative area in my brain can't take anymore! What a great Valentine "treat"--better than more sugar!!!

Shauna said...

Cute! I keep hearing about Pinterest, but I'm afraid to get started!