Sunday, February 12, 2012

a day off...

Earlier in the week Danny suggested he take Friday off.   
When he told me he had nothing planned...did I want to hang out???? heart leapt!
I love days off just hanging out!!!!!!!!

We got the two school girls ready and Danny drove them for me!!!!!!
On Fridays I usually stay and help gather and grade homework for Kate's teacher.
Danny offered to do it---so Sophie could sleep in.
He picked us up in time for Sophie's violin lesson.
We suggested a reward for playing her piece memorized---
a trip to lunch on the train.
We ran an errand, looked for a fuzzy sticker for Sophie's violin, then headed downtown.
We hit one more store and then met Nana to take TRAX to lunch at Haagerman's deli.
After lunch we hung out at the planetarium.
We picked up drycleaning...and then our girls.
We took them out early to go pick up frozen custard. 
(We told them it was going to be liver & onions...they have no idea what that is...but it is the worst thing I remember being fed as a child!)
We picked up...and played instruments.
Nana came to play with the girls....
and Danny and I went out to sushi with friends.

Little things make a big difference~
It was my favorite day of the year!!!!!!


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