Sunday, January 8, 2012

truth = trust

Two of our girls were sick today so I decided they should stay home from church.  Ellie was well but I wasn't sure how to get her there when I was taking care of her sisters and Danny was already at meetings.  I didn't want to take her and leave her there without us.  So I turned to Ellie as we sat on the couch and asked, "Do you want to teach your sisters a primary (children's Sunday school) class?"  She jumped up and grabbed the Friend magazine.  After a few minutes she asked if they could do one of the activities she saw there---homemade pretzels.  "Of course."

She went straight to her room, gathering supplies for her lesson.  She asked the girls to be ready in a half an hour.  They got dressed---out of their pjs.  30 minutes later they were gathered in the dining room.  I stayed out of their way but remained in earshot.  Ellie taught them a lesson she found about honesty.  She read them a story about a boy who was being questioned about having started a fire.  His mom knew that he always told the truth.  She defended him to the authorities and they later found that the fire was started by other individuals.  She taught the girls, if you are truthful people trust you.  Kate and Sophie listened so intently and quietly.  Then she asked them different questions.  As they answered she would pull a prize (bookmarks, etc...) out of a bag that she had brought from her room.  I smiled.  Then she gathered them in the kitchen to make CTR pretzels.  They made them all by themselves (with the exception of taking them out of the oven).

It is amazing what abilities children have, that I often don't give them opportunities to express.  I am also grateful for so many fine example of leadership my girls have learned from school, church, friends, music teachers and extra-curricular activities.  I feel so grateful that we are surrounded by so many wonderful people.

As Ellie taught words of truth to her sisters today my trust in her---and their trust in her became that much stronger.  Thank you for what you taught me today Ellie, I love you.


sharon said...

So cute!!! Ellie is such a good sister.

Tebbs Family said...

That was so sweet it brought tears... those moments are what make everything worth it!

Shauna said...

Such a sweet time for your girls!!! Are they PERFECT?????? :) Probably not, but they sure are adorable!

Annemarie said...

I haven't read blogs in such a long time...I am so glad that this was one of the first I read today!
Ellie is so grown up and so sweet. I love this story!

Lisa said...

Your girls are so great! YOU ave taught them well. Kids learn from example. Now my boys..hummmmm...I think I would observe a whole other thing! Perhaps snakes, worms, lizards, etc. would be involved instead of bookmarks for prizes!! What blessings children are! They all keep us smiling and on our toes don't they!

So I want to get back ino blogging but only for the sole purpose of journaling. Have your turned this blog into a book? I tried it once before and it was a nightmare project. Any recommendations on a way easy way to blog and then put into a printed book??

Bianca said...

Carin, I was catching up on your blog today and just want to tell you how much you have inspired me, as you always do!! I especially loved all your Christmas posts/traditions and of course your beautiful, amazing, wonderful photography!! Thank you!!!