Thursday, January 19, 2012

90th birthday

@her home with Kate in the guest bedroom August 2008

Grandma would have turned 90 years old today.
She asked her bishop last December to pray for her that she would make it to her 90th birthday.
He shared the story at her funeral.
He had prayed for her.
As he said at her service, "The Lord had a better plan and brought her home for Christmas."
We miss her so much already.

Happy birthday Gram.
We love you~


Tebbs Family said...

I'm sure she's enjoying a wonderful party today! And more importantly her loved ones here are thinking of her fondly...

The Freemans said...

I read through your blog just recently. I saw your post about the funeral and how much you appreciated that friends of Danny's had come to the funeral. I've thought so much about that and it has inspired me to do better in taking the time to be there for others. I am sorry for your loss. Grandmas are always hard to loose. Especially good ones. Thank goodness for memories, and PHOTO'S! Happy Birthday to her!