Friday, August 5, 2011

my Granny

Aunt Vivian, me, Granny, Dede and our mom

She was born on August 5th, 1896 in Louisville, Mississippi.
She would have been 115.
I always think of her when her birthday comes around.
We LOVED visiting her when we were kids---
and felt spoiled by the candies and cookies she shared with us...
even when my dad protested.

I love what my dad wrote of her in his life history-

"When she died she left very few possessions because she never wanted much. The only ambition she ever had was for the well being of her children and their families. She spent her life doing back-breaking work struggling to keep her family intact. When someone understands all the obstacles that she faced during her life it is clear that her battle was an impossible one.  One thing we can be sure of is that she never gave up and would face any challenge. She would not back down from anyone or anything in defense of her children or her beliefs. There are so many things that I could praise her for but it would consume volumes."


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful thing your Dad has said about his Mother...truly endearing. What a blessing to have so many pictures & memories that you can pass down to your kiddos! :)

I just love your family, Carin...what would life have been like if we didn't live across the street from each other all those years ago?!? {Well, for one thing, I wouldn't have the love of bean dip like I do!}

Shauna said...

What a beautiful tribute to your mother from your dad. It makes me cry!