Thursday, March 10, 2011

our lil' magnolia

Kate danced in Romeo and Juliet.  She and her class were magnolias.  She LOVED every single minute of it:
getting dressed, wearing lipstick!, her costume, family coming to watch, spending time with friends backstage, the anticipation...and finally----

being on stage!
She has come a long way from her first dance recital where she covered her eyes with her hands and froze like a statue.  (A "if I don't see them they wont see me" manuever!)  It was the cutest thing ever! 
I love to see how happy she is on stage now.  It is sometimes hard to get her off the stage :)
We love this lil' ballerina!


Candi said...

Carin she is beautiful! I am so glad she had fun.

annie gray said...

Beautiful photos, Carin! I love those blues, reds, and golds. She's a lovely little dancer. :)

Whitney said...

Wish we could have seen it in person, but the pictures and Kate are both so beautiful.