Tuesday, September 7, 2010

1st day of preschool

After signing you up for 3 different preschools and even canceling this preschool and then signing you up again---
(what is wrong with me!?)
you made it!!!!!!
You are an official preschooler!!!!!!

What I want to remember about this day...

You were so excited to get ready and chose the polka dot leggings all by yourself.

When your teacher instructed the class to trace the letters of their name.
You asked the teacher to do yours for you.
Your friend Sarah sweetly offered to do it instead.  :)

You asked me on our way how long I would stay with you...and I almost told you I would stay the whole time
(I really wanted to stay...and I secretly hoped you would hold my hand and never let go).
You were such a big girl and went in excited to start.
As soon as you came out---
you ran to me and gave me a big hug.
We were so happy!

You put your sandals on all by yourself when it was time to come home.
You put them on the least comfortable way,
some might say "the wrong feet."  :)

Your favorite part of preschool was getting to paint your hands for a project.
The first thing you said to me, "Mom, I painted my hands.  Is it ok?"
I found out later that you questioned the teacher, letting her know that your mom wouldn't like you to paint your hands.
My heart melted when she told me.

Ellie, Charlie and I walked you home.  You wanted to hold the leash.
You chose to wear a pin on your dress that Ellie made.  She felt so proud.

After I asked you your favorite part of the day...I asked who you talked to.
"Some of the girls." you responded quickly.
"What about the boys?" I questioned.
"Daddy says not to talk to boys."
His heart melted.


Lisa said...

Such a cute girl! It must make you really sad to send you little one off to preschool. I would have cried the whole time! I miss you! Hope you are well..only 10 weeks to go for me! Can you believe how the time has gone?

Tebbs Family said...

You're on your way to becoming an empty-nester!!! She is SO darling... I will miss her on our visiting teaching visits! Is she attending a preschool that is close by since you walked home???

Anonymous said...

She is such a doll! I love how you left her shoes on the wrong feet:)

sherri said...

Awe, we did the same thing yesterday. With different clothes picked out, though. But I wanted to stay, too...and missed her horribly for the three hours she was gone. And I too agonized over which preschool. ♥ Hugs for you!

Connie Miller said...

Such an obedient child! Same as you, remember?

nikki said...

Oh, I LOVE HER! Can we clone Sophie and let her live with us? I am so glad that she had such a great time. She will love it! And yes, Callahan would agree...don't talk to boys, Sophie!

Ashley Kate said...

Congrats Sophie and Mommy! Cadence went to preschool this week as well and I couldn't sleep at all the night before... turns out she loves it :) They grow up way too fast

peewee said...

She's so TALL!!! "daddy says not to talk to boys!!" HAHAHAHA!! Oh Danny! Enjoy THAT while it lasts!

dede said...

this post made my heart melt!!
I love Sophie! Glad that her first day of school went so well!!