Sunday, August 22, 2010

what I wish for you~

I love fresh starts.  One of these is the beginning of a school year!  I have so many hopes and wishes for my daughters.  You are all three so different, yet so special in your own ways.  My wishes for you~


I am so proud of you.  I am amazed at your courage.  Your attitude regarding changing schools in third grade is remarkable to me.  You are excited about your new school and new opportunitites.  I am impressed with your sense of adventure and what it is good for you.

I wish for you a year filled with optimism.  I wish for you a desire to learn.  Your teachers are like a treasure box for you.  They are filled with knowledge-- keys to open up doors to your future.  Treat them respectfully.  Look them in the eye.  Speak confidently and always with a listening ear.  They will love you.  The gifts of knowledge they have for you will be treasures in your life.

I wish for you a desire to go beyond the minimum required and reach for more.  Always do your best and you will grow.

If there is ever a lonely day at your new school please remember our faces--- us (your family) and your sweet friends.  Remember that we wish we could be with you.  Remember how much we love you.  When you remember that your heart will feel happy.  A smile will come to your face...which is beautiful.  Keep your smile.


You have a tender heart.  You see beauty all around you.  You love to celebrate and plan...plan parties :)  You are smart and have figured out more than I could have imagined for you in your short six years. 

I wish for you this school year~  opportunities for school to become a place for learning.  I hope that each day you learn something that you didn't know before.  As this happens, a spark will kindle- and you will crave the magic of learning.

I wish for you~ the wisdom (at your very young age) to seek friends that are optimistic, kind and friendly to all.  I wish for you to learn the joy of kindness.  Seeking out someone lonely; sharing a smile and kind words can be the very best part of your own day.  Choose the right and follow the rules for yourself--  but choose being kind over being right with your friends.

Remember, when you are away from home, how much you are loved.  Share the love in your sweet heart with others and you will always be happy.


The other day we were chatting.  It was just the two of us waiting in line at Cafe Rio.  We talked about the upcoming change.  Your sisters will be going to school all day.  Do you remember that last year??  It will be just the two of us all day.  You put your arms around my neck.  You were excited.  You always have a twinkle in your eye. 

You are blessed with such an independent spirit.  One of your first phrases was  "I do it my'sels'!"  It is a joy for me as you learn and grow in your independence. 

For more than a year you have told me that you were going to play voilin when you are four.  I am not sure where it came from.  You frequently pick out the voilin when you hear it in music.  You will be starting your lessons one month before your 4th birthday.  It would have never crossed my mind for you.  We have other instruments in our home.  Yet somehow it feels just right for you.  How did you know?

I wish for you~ joy.  You always find joy in simple and small things.  I wish that for you this year.  Find joy in trying new things.  You are so cute as you listen to your violin cd from your teacher.  You listen everyday---excited and glad for the opportunity. 

The joy you find in small things will help you in everything you do throughout your life.  You will never know how much joy you bring to me in my life.

I love you girls~


Tebbs Family said...

What beautiful wishes, hopes and dreams for your girls! I saw all their cute dresses on Sunday and saw how darling they were to Danny (especially during the closing prayer when I had my eyes open and Kate put her headband on his head and he didn't blink an eye...) You are such an amazing mother that these girls will succeed and thrive in whatever they endeavor. Thanks for your example!

Anonymous said...

This is beautiful...the photos and the words! What a wonderful mother you are. Your children are so blessed.

Bob Miller said...


nikki said...

So sweet! You are a great mother...and writer. Such a darling family.

I love the new stairs! I want to come check out the entire remodel one of these days

peewee said...

AWWWWW. Seriously that last pic brought tears to my eyes. On a monday morning!!!!

Raquel Acevedo said...

It's been so long! What a cute picture and loving the blog style. I hope you are doing great!

mandy said...

Lovely portraits! I love your dreams for your girls, you have the most wonderful way of capturing your family.