Saturday, August 21, 2010

goodbye summer

This summer has taught me so much.  It was a summer of reorganization...literally and also mentally and spiritually.  In the literal sense, we redid the flooring in our home.  That project drew within it new trim, doors and paint.  Most of our belongings were packed and we were all displaced within our home for most of the summer. 

I am not drawn to chaos.  So to be living in chaos for these past few months was quite a challenge.  It is amazing how much we packed up that I didn't miss at all.  In fact, there were many boxes that once unpacked I realized I hadn't thought about or needed their contents once through out the summer.  How much of what I have around me is really unnecessary?

Although I will miss the warm summer days and fun at the pool, I am looking forward to September.  I am anxious for schedules and organization.  I am enjoying the process of finding a home for each object I unpack...and the reevaluation process to decide if we really want to keep it.  The summer has inspired the desire to simplify, organize and put in order my home, my schedule and our lives.  Goodbye summer...thank you for what you have taught me :)

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Tebbs Family said...

That's the ONE great thing about moving too... de-junking and starting out with things organized. I'm looking forward to to getting back on a schedule too AND I want to see your floors! Do you love them?!