Friday, December 5, 2014

state report [check]

This 5th grader of mine is finally finding her stride.
She is confidant.
She is now completing her work in class.
She is happy to go to school each day.
She is even finding time to practice...really efficient practice!

Earlier this year we were in a bit of turmoil.
She was bringing home reports of 7-12 missing assignments a week.
That would be concerning if she wasn't working at home...BUT it was TROUBLING because she WAS working at home---a lot.  Like 2 to 3 1/2 hours a night.
It is one thing to work that hard if it is getting you somewhere---but when you are working THAT hard and feel like your sinking it is not a good scenario for a 10 year old.  Her desk, and school cubicle was a disaster...disorganization is an understatement!  There was no time to be a kid...and she was STRESSED OUT!

Through email, phone calls with patient teachers, a parent teacher conference and a helpful principal big changes have been made.  It was arranged that whatever Kate finished in class is what she turned unfinished work would be sent home.  She would complete 30 minutes of homework a night + 30 minutes of reading, unless she had a special project (i.e.; State Report, book report, etc...).  Through those earlier communications with the faculty at school, her teachers especially, she realized that although she had previously read them as callous and indifferent, she now knows that they care about her and want her to succeed.

There is a fine line between being your child's advocate and being an enabler.  I was worried that had a completely pulled Kate out of the situation...she would have lost the opportunity to solve the problem, communicate and struggle through.  As we pulled up to the school today and she handed me her reading minutes to sign, I realized that this 10 year old is getting it all figured out.

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