Monday, September 8, 2014

70 years

It is not every day that you turn 70!
We decided to make this a special occasion for Mom (known to her grandchildren as Nana).  Annie flew in Saturday morning to help with the festivities and SURPRISE Mom.   She cried tears of joy at the restaurant Saturday night when Annie walked in.  Then she would cry again any time she talked about Annie being here throughout the weekend.  To top that off...Alex flew in Sunday morning.  Mom could hardly believe it when we pulled up with Alex for her family party.

We considered buying her jewelry for her birthday.  Then Annie suggested we resize and repair some of her favorite jewelry that she hasn't been able to wear for years!  We were able to resize two different wedding rings Dad had given her and an antique hand carved gold bracelet she received from her grandmother.  It meant so much more than a new piece of jewelry and we were so happy we could do that for her.

We also collaborated to compile a photo book of pictures throughout her life.  I finished it Wednesday or Thursday SO she couldn't open the real thing.  BUT I was able to create an e-book through Blurb and she LOVED it!

Happy 70th Mom!
We LOVE you!

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dede said...

thanks for all you did to make this so special for mom!! You're amazing! xoxo