Thursday, August 14, 2014

safe and sound

She slept with us last night.  Just before 9:00 p.m Danny cam in to make a protein shake.  He had been mowing the lawn and picking plums from our next door neighbor's tree.  As he stood there, the door into our kitchen from our garage opened.  A man attempted to enter.  Danny yelled and began to chase him down.  Just as the man approached his car he pulled a handgun, shouted "do you want to die today?" and fired.  (Thankfully missed)

It was a crazy night of police statements, finger prints, eye witness reports (I hope Ryan and Shawn could sleep last night) and friends distracting our girls, neighbors walking over to check on us, other phone calls & texts, a priesthood blessing for D (thanks Tom)...and then we slept gathered as close as we could---grateful to be safe.  The man got away but this house is locked up tight.  He stole our garage door opener but it has already been changed.  Lock your cars, keep your garage shut...and lock your doors.  Be safe.


Shauna said...

Carin.....I'm so glad everyone is ok!!!!!! This is a scary world at times, and is a good reminder to all of us to watch out for each other!!!!! XOXOXOXOXO

Ashley Kate said...

How completely scary! So thankful everyone is ok, and God is watching over you!