Wednesday, May 21, 2014

clear days

photo credit: in my collection of Aunt Dot's photographs

"On a clear day, rise and look around you,
and you'll see who you are.
On a clear day, how it will astound you--
That the glow of your being outshines every star...
And on a clear day...
You can see forever and ever more."
-On a Clear Day You Can See Forever

Clear days for me included REMEMBERING God first thing in the morning.
Clear days for me include REMEMBERING to spend some time outside each day.
Clear days for me include REMEMBERING to look those I love, those I talk to, those I meet in the eyes...and truly listen.

Clear days are the very BEST can I REMEMBER to create them every day?

1 comment:

Tebbs Family said...

I LOVE clear days and I love your description of them :) Sure wish I had a younger daughter that could take that photography workshop that sounds so amazing. Hopefully you'll be posting many things so we can admire and enjoy...