Monday, December 2, 2013

Thanksgiving dinner

Surrounded by family you love...
and delicious food...
does it get any better than Thanksgiving!?!?!?

on the menu:
turkey + ham
cornbread stuffing
(my very favorite thing about Thanksgiving dinner...thanks Mom!!!!)
(Dede's specialty!)
mashed potatoes
(Danny's specialty)
cranberry orange sauce
corn with Ritz cracker topping
(Davis tradition)
stuffed celery- pineapple/cream cheese + green olive/cream cheese
(Miller tradition)
raspberry jello pretzel salad
(Dede and Sharon both brought one each in case the other forgot)
deviled eggs
(Sharon's specialty)
roasted asparugus
pumpkin + pecan pie
pumpkin ginger cake with caramel sauce
(my sister loves me!)

As grateful as we felt for this delicious meal...we are so much more grateful for the people we love!!!
Even nephews who cross their eyes in all of their family pictures :) 

  ummmm...Wesley ;)


Shauna said...

I think that's the very first time I've seen your parents!!!! Such cute pictures as always!!!!

~Love Lis said...

How sweet! I would love to know the recipe for your stuffed celery. That sounds so good! xo

NicCole Photography said...

These pictures look amazing. It's such a beautiful thing to see a loving family enjoying each other during the holiday season.