Monday, September 2, 2013

Sundance cabin

Saturday night we ended our day roasting smores in our backyard.  We sat around talking- just us, Danny, the girls and I.  Our conversation was casual and relaxed.  Our campfire stories turned into stories of how our family began...our dating, engagement and marriage.  Part of that story includes a cabin tucked into the woods at Sundance.  This cabin was built by Danny's grandpa.  He has so many memories helping him maintain this spot in the woods.  We hadn't realized that these three girls had never been there.  We decided to change that the next day.  After dinner we piled in the car and took the drive.

Danny told them about the totem pole that grandpa had commissioned.  A tree had died on the property and grandpa found a man to carve this structure from that tree trunk.  Danny remembered the artist being from Montana who was a chainsaw carver.  This was his first "in place" totem pole.

Grandpa laid rock all around the property.  Danny helped him with mortar and carrying stones when he was young.  

recreating the picture where our bridals were taken...over 18 years this guy!

There is a hole in this tree.  When grandpa worked up on this mountain, herding sheep, they would leave his mail and correspondence in this very tree.

 The cabin needs some work a lot of work.  Maybe the love and enthusiasm of this younger generation will inspire some more time spent in this beautiful spot!

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Annie Miller said...

So pretty!!!! Glad you had fun;)