Monday, August 19, 2013

back to school bash

Cousins, aunts+uncles, and grandparents gathered to celebrate going back to school!  Inspired by this family---we decided to have a "cafeteria fear factor."  Although I can't imagine any of these items being served in a school cafeteria, my girls and I roamed the grocery store filling our cart with what we imagined the most difficult things to swallow---

dragon fruit and spiny melon
chicken+waffles potato chips
seaweed biscuits
shrimp chips
goats milk (unflavored)
pork rinds
chicken, rice + vegetable baby food
marinated mushrooms
green olives
smoked oysters
pickled okra
marinated spicy bean curd
marinated cactus
creamed corn
sardines (in water +louisanna hot sauce)

Grandma Sally, Cameron, Dede and Randy!!!!

 THE WINNERS!!!!!!!!!
(looks like it will be just kids next year!)

a back to school white elephant gift exchange!
loved this!

LOVE all of these kids even more!!!!!!!
I hope they have a FABULOUS school year!!!

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