Thursday, July 4, 2013

one end of this continent to the other...

This year our fireworks were experienced low to the ground.  We spent the 4th of July weekend at Bear Lake.  Although the fireworks were a bit less dramatic, the get away was just what we all needed.  We were there relaxing and celebrating with the Passey family.  Kelly recommended we see- Bandito Rides Again!  Although an unconventional activity for the was hilariously funny!  We all (including the kids) LOVED it!  Sitting in the theater...filled with spectators wearing felt just right.

We love our country and were grateful to be part, in our own way, of a celebration that spans from "one end of this continent to the other."  Before we settled in, to rest for the night...we filled the backyard with our own illuminations---so grateful for the land on which we live.

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