Sunday, May 12, 2013

a letter for Mother's day

To our daughters,

What I hope you know and always remember:

  • my heart overflows with love for you
  • when I tell dad about my favorite moments with you---a smile spreads over his face and he says "they're so cute"
  • we wouldn't change one.single.solitary.thing about you
  • the Mother's day gifts I received are special to me---but nothing makes me happier than the notes and card you have given me all week
  • treasures you make with your hands are worth more than diamonds to me
  • being cuddled on the couch, reading a book together---the five of us, is like heaven on earth to me
  • you are each unique and special in your own ways and we love that you are so different from each other
  • when you all want to sit beside me at the very same time---and I have two on each side and Sophie on my lap---I feel like I am doing something right as a mom
  • I absolutely LOVE being your mother

How did I get SO lucky!?



On Friday as I was doing your hair for school you mentioned that it was "mom show and tell" that day.  You weren't sure of any details and I had never heard anything about it from your it went in one ear and out the other (does that ever happen to you?).  When I arrived at the school to pick you up at the end of your school day---tears were streaming down your face.  "You didn't come" was all that I could understand of the words you tried to get out through your sobs.  I was heart sick.  At the end of the school day your teacher invited the moms to come so that they could be your show and tell that day.    (How did I not get this invitation from your teacher?)  You wanted me there...and had I known that you were watching the door, waiting for me to come through, I would have been there.  I felt so sorry for not listening to you.  Thank you for wanting me there...and for telling me the "special thing about your mom" that you wanted to share with the class as we sat on the couch together after school.  (I am glad you like my chocolate chip cookies.)  Thank you for forgiving me...I love you with all my heart!

The important thing about mom is she's kind
she's pretty,
and quiet,
She takes care of me,
she loves me,
she helps me play cello,
she gives me fun activities,
she teaches me things I need to know,
she's neat and orderly.
But the important thing about mom is she's kind.

Sweet Kate---thank you for writing this poem for me.  I loved the hearts that you drew next to your poem.  I hope I can live up to these nice things you have said about me.  I know all of those nice things remind me of you- pretty, comforting, quiet, full of love and fun...and most of all kind!  I love you sweetheart

Dear Ellie,
Thank you for the sweet cards you wrote me...and for your enthusiasm for showering me with gifts on mother's day morning.  You were so excited and it brightened my day!  You make being a mom easy!  You are so good to me---helpful, hardworking and full of love.  You were the very first to make me a mom over 11 years ago!  I love you!



Shauna said...

SO beautiful!

Ashley Kate said...

Love. Happy Mother's Day!

Misty said...

You are such a great mom!