Saturday, January 5, 2013

a family that plays together...

We have made WONDERFUL changes to family life this year!!!  
Inspired by THIS...we have decided to start this new money/chore system!

We have simplified the checklists we had been doing...
and now their are four boxes a day!
They are able to earn $1-for every year they are old-every week.
If they miss one check they only get half...
and if they miss more than one they get nothing.
They can make up one check by memorizing a poem.
(That reminds me of THIS which I was absolutely love.)

The girls will be responsible for purchasing personal wants...and 1/2 of their clothes
(for each item they choose to purchase they will have to pay for half of each item)

These changes have been good for all of us...
BUT the VERY best part of it---
are family fun Saturdays.
We work hard all week and we NOW play together on Saturdays!
This was the first Saturday play day....

We decided to go to the Leonardo Museum!
We did visit the temporary exhibit---DaVinci...
but their very favorite part was the art area just as you enter the museum.
There was a man presenting that hand makes violins.
It was fascinating to learn from him and the girls were able to bend wood just like is done in violin making.  We can't wait to go back!!!

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Misty said...

I love this money system. In fact, I recently set up teen bank accounts for my kids that comes with an app to help them manage what they are spending that I get to oversee. We just got the cards in the mail a couple days ago. I love Lauretta's system she taught a couple of years ago and I actually made booklets for my kids and introduced it to them, but my kids were a little young and I couldn't keep up with it. Now my kids are older, I need to revisit it. The Eyre's system seems similar to Lauretta's, but simplified. Thanks for the link. I watch the Eyres on Studio 5 every now and again and love their insights. I love your insights as well! Thanks for sharing!