Monday, December 5, 2011

something bigger than us....

Last night Kate played in her first concert.  She has only been playing cello for a few months, since May. The concert was an evening of cooperation and team work.  Each level of ability played their part.  Kate participated in Jingle Bells, Wintertime in Russia, Allegro, Twinklebell Canon in D (Pachelbel), and Clock Tower Bells.  In Jingle Bells she played the melody---but in the other pieces  she played a repetitive harmony, or a surprise strum, and in one just a loud stomp of her foot.  As I sat and enjoyed the beautiful sounds I was so grateful that she could have this experience and be a part of something that is bigger than she is.   SO GRATEFUL.

I believe it is true...we are so influenced by what is around us.  Our perspective of what is possible is altered by what we see others around us doing.  As Kate participated last night...her eyes were alert and continually watching.  She was mesmerized by the other performers.  She watched their expressions, their hands, and their music.  She was taking it all in.  I think we both could have stayed all night.  I wanted her to soak in the influence of so many who have worked so hard and who are striving for their best.

We have the same influence from our friends and neighbors.  What amazing examples we had around us this weekend.  Our little city experienced a big storm this week.  The winds were strong on Thursday.  Many houses and trees suffered great damage.  We were fortunate to have only lost some wreaths and window well coverings.  Trees and fences were most effected in our immediate neighborhood.  As we sat in church (Stake Conference) on Sunday morning we were excused a half an hour early and asked to go out and help our neighbors.  They announced that another storm was predicted to come in with snow and wind.  We needed to get all of the loose debris up and covered or taken to the land fill before the storm came in.  Danny got dressed and headed out with his chain saw.  They gathered at the houses that needed the most help.  Neighbors were helping neighbors all over the city---hauling, cutting, gathering, cleaning, and providing hot chocolate.  It was amazing.  As I think about my neighbors and watch their good works and the service they give to the community...I take it all in and feel inspired.  Again, I am left feeling grateful to be a small part of something bigger than us---and by our association with these neighbors we are better people for it.

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Shauna said...

Beautifully said! It has been a chaotic few days, but so wonderful to see the support and love for one another!