Saturday, May 14, 2011


He flew in the night before.  He had been gone for nine days!!!!!!  We missed him and were so glad to have the day to celebrate his birthday.  All he wanted was to stay home THE ENTIRE DAY.  He wanted to work in our yard and in the house.  (Not many other people who genuinely want to work for their birthday!)  I bought plants for flower beds and our garden in preparation.  We also bought an ice cream cake!  We worked and worked and played.  We filled the tires on the bikes and hit the road again.  It was a delightful day...and I am really glad he just wanted to be here.

Happy birthday Love!!!!!!


Shauna said...

Happy Birthday Danny!!!!! I saw you all out that very day getting the bikes all ready!

Renee said...

Danny is a great example of a husband & a daddy!!! :)

Connie Miller said...

What a great day! Glad you could celebrate together.