Friday, April 8, 2011

dear spring break,

the view outside as i post this...

Dear spring break,

You haven't been what I expected...or hoped for.  But it hasn't been bad.  Most of us have remained inside of our four walls, protected from the rain and snow.  Maybe you knew best.  At least we had sunshine on Saturday...we raked and raked.  I LOVED IT!

Dear Ellie,

You were outside reading in the sunshine...and you didn't even want to stop reading to come in for lunch!  That is a first!  I felt SO happy for you---we went to buy you the next book in the series that afternoon!  You stayed with your great grandma for a good majority of your break.  When we asked you if you wanted to---you were giddy and excited.  You packed paper dolls, your American girl doll and a new book.  I think you liked the idea of being old enough to be away and on your own with grandma.  You love many of the same things:  dolls, working, flowers, books...  I am proud of you.  What a special experience to spend time with your great grandma on your own.  I never met any of my great grandparents.  Do you know how lucky you are??

love you!

Dear Kate,

You are in the other room right now playing "school/cheerleader" with Sophie.  I love listening to you play.  I also loved sitting next to you during the movie last night.  Your laugh was so genuine and contagious.  I loved every minute of it!  I am so sorry a frame fell on you as you were dancing down the hall.  You were so brave we when we took you to instacare.  I am glad that it was "dermabond," and not stitches, they had to put on your nose.  I hope you never stop dancing down the hall.  Next week the sun should shine again.  I promise to take you on a bike ride next week.  You asked me everyday of your spring break, "Mom, can we ride bikes today!?"  Rain or shine :)

love you!

Dear Sophie,

We had so much fun having your sisters with us this week.  You played and played...and played!  Thank you for always sharing your smile.  Thank you for always inviting me to play---even when I am not very fun at all.  :)  I try.  I promise.  Thank you for wanting me to be with you no matter what.  I want you to remember us playing playing house with you...and reading on the couch.  We will have plenty of practice next week when your sisters are in school all day!

love you!

Let's see what we can make of the rest of the week/weekend!  I am loving that my girls are loving hats.  They are such a good protection from the sun...and so cute for pictures.  I am glad they pulled them out this week!!!!!  Have a happy weekend!!!!!!!!!!


Charla Anne said...

Beautiful photos of your precious daughters!

Blanck said...

"I hope you never stop dancing down the hall". Priceless Chiquita i love your blog and your amazing love for your family. I love the idea of writing them letters I might have to do that.
miss you and still have not actually TALKED to you. I will try again this week.

Tebbs Family said...

Sounds like a perfect spring break--even without sun... you're a great mom and I love watching your beautiful girls grow up!!