Tuesday, July 13, 2010

all dressed up with no where to go~

We had the BEST day planned!
We set out our clothes the night before so that we would be ready to go as soon as our feet hit the floor!  
  • Airforce museum in the morning with our neighbors
  • Meet friends at the pool for lunch and swimming
  • Dinner with fresh corn on the cob and homemade pizza
  • Family night...talking about friendship & playing together

The whole itinerary changed when poor Ellie woke up with the stomach flu :(
We washed sheets, every hard surface, and hands over and over again all day.
The girls watched movies, read library books and sat outside occasionally.
Fortunately, the slow paced day made a mini photo shoot in the back yard sound entertaining to Kate!


peewee said...

kate looks SO OLD in that last pic!! NOOOOOOOOOOOO! MAKE IT STOP!

Monique said...

she makes simple look STYLIN'!

nikki said...

We hope Ellie is feeling better. We'll have to reschedule soon.

Kate is such a cutie!

Connie Miller said...

Way to make a disappointment into a beautiful day.

Flash Jorgensen said...

Oh I'm so excited to see you're blogging again. I have missed reading your posts!!! You always have the most inspiring stories and images! :) It's a "happy day!"

*J*E*N* said...

Good shots always seem to come out of those kind of days! Or I should say GREAT shots!